Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Tim and Donna Brassell

Pastor T and Donna

Senior Pastor Tim and Donna met each other during their last year of High School while vacationing in Biloxi, Mississippi. Having been life-time members of Grace Communion International, they entered the Ordained Pastoral Ministry in 1997 and have served GCI congregations in Lima and Findlay, Ohio, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Ahoskie, North Carolina, and now, Baltimore, Maryland. Pastor Tim has also been a District Pastor of the mid-Atlantic district of GCI. Donna joyfully and enthusiastically serves as the Praise and Worship Coordinator at New Life Fellowship. They have two daughters, whom they love, like, and enjoy along with their congregation, and to whom they proclaim the Good News of Humanity’s Inclusion into the Love and Life of God, from the Father, through Jesus, and in the Spirit and God’s overflowing grace, 2000 years ago in Christ!

Pastor David and Sharon Stonesifer

Pastor David Stonesifer and his wife, Sharon, met in their teen years while they attended the Radio Church of God services in Philadelphia, PA. Several years later, their families attended newly established congregations in Harrisburg, PA and Baltimore, MD, but they lost touch with each other until many years later when circumstances brought them back together and they were married. They are the parents of two sons and two daughters and have 15 grandchildren. David serves as the building facilities manager and media/audio-visual coordinator.  Sharon serves as the church financial secretary and oversees the visitor/hospitality ministry.  Together they focus their hearts on serving the congregation in any capacity as well as their fellow man.

Pastor Richard and Venida Andrews

Pastor Richard Andrews and his wife, Venida, met while attending college in Pasadena, California. Upon graduating in 1991, they moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where they got married and began a life of service to the Lord, and to New Life Fellowship. In that time, God has blessed them with five beautiful children. Currently, Pastor Andrews serves as the Assistant Pastor of New Life Fellowship, focusing his gifts in Youth Ministry and Church Administration.

Pastor Tony and Stephenie Marra

Tony and Stef

Pastor Tony Marra and his wife Stephenie have been serving at New Life Fellowship since Tony moved to Maryland from Brooklyn NY in 1991. The Marra’s were married in 1992 and have a son David and a daughter Alia, as well as a grandson. Tony serves as G.I.F.T.E.D. ministry leader and Stephenie, Children’s Church teacher and special outreach projects. Tony and Stephenie love their church family and are very excited to be a part of what our triune God is doing both in and outside of New Life Fellowship. They are looking forward to seeing the next generation of youth handed the baton of faith to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ through the church.