We relate to the Triune God and each other on the basis of the love, acceptance and provision the Father freely gives us and the entire world, permanently, in His Son, Jesus, Who is Grace Himself.


We embrace Jesus as the Light of the World (cosmos). Life is characterized by Jesus trusting and responding in loving allegiance to His Father, in the Spirit, and Him sharing His Fully God/Fully Man life and allegiance with us.


We are conformed to Christ through the transforming grace of the Holy Spirit poured out on all flesh. That grace is embraced by faith and exercised in a variety of relational ways, including spiritual disciplines such as prayer, bible reading, meditation, fasting, etc.


We pursue a life ordered in the Gospel and characterized by Who Jesus is as revealed in the Apostolic Succession, the Christian Creeds, and the Canon (Scriptures).


We engage in the Participatory and Diverse Fellowship of the local church. In that fellowship, we experience and contribute to the life of a spiritual community of loving relationships, purpose, hope and expectancy.


We help those embracing God’s grace to live and share in a participatory and yielded way to the Father. The primary motive for discipling others is the education of the human race in the Father’s Adoption of all mankind in Christ.